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Library and information science (LIS) is a universal academic, intellectual and industrial field with a large international approach. As per human perspective, LIS includes library and information professionals, the information industry people, students, academics and researchers. The field has a strong background of teaching, education and research development, standards, networks and distribution throughout the globe. Library and Information Science is a profession that is full of people passionate about making a optimistic change in the society. DLIS impart elementary knowledge, understand about different aspects of Library Science, concept of library and librarianship and understand the basic principles and laws of library science.


1. The students will be prepared to take up the challenges of the information society in future.
2. To impart elementary knowledge to students about different aspects of Library Science, thus preparing them for jobs of Semi- professional nature in all types of libraries.

Programme Code


(English Medium)*
*(Study Material may be made available in English medium.
However, a student has the option of writing the Exam in English/ Hindi/Punjabi language except for
DCAP101 (Basic Computer Skills), DLIS013 (Knowledge Organisation: Classification Practice) and
DLIS015 (Knowledge Organisation: Cataloguing Practice) courses which are to be attempted only in English Language.)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 1 Years
Max. Duration 3 Years