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Information is a pervasive element in contemporary society, the development of which will depend upon the future shape of information services particularly with the usage of Information Communication Technologies. MLIS programme puts emphasis on handling and access to information in all forms rather than the conventional library activities and earn a higher degree or an advanced certification for professional growth. MLIS impart critical thinking and reflexivity about professional practice as managers of libraries and information services and an understanding of research methods and activities of research organizations.

  • To impart to the students a thorough understanding of patterns of knowledge development and its organization;
  • To train the students in the advanced skills of information/knowledge, gathering, processing, organization and retrieval;
  • To train the students in information/ knowledge analysis, repackaging, and marketing;
  • To provide advanced practical training in ICT applications in information environment including library automation, digitization, networking and communication system;
  • To train students in the analysis, planning, and management of the systems of library and information centers; and
  • To provide an understanding of research methods and activities of research organizations.
  • To provide an understanding of the vital and pervasive role of information as an essential resource in all developmental activities.
  • To acquaint the students with the application of modern management techniques and ideas essential for library and Information systems.
  • To provide a thorough insight into all techniques of information handling with a special emphasis on the application of information technology.
  • To train the students to develop their insight and skills in recent trends in the collection.
Programme Code


(English Medium)*
*(Study Material may be made available in English medium.
However, a student has the option of writing the Exam in English/ Hindi/Punjabi language except for
DLIS413 (Advanced Classification Practice) and DLIS415 (Advanced Cataloguing Practice)
courses which are to be attempted only in English Language.)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 1 Years
Max. Duration 3 Years