BBA Distance Education in Ludhiana


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional undergraduate course for individuals seeking managerial positions in top organizations. With the globally expanding corporate sector, businesses constantly seek talented and qualified individuals having sufficient business and investment management skills. Therefore, having a BBA degree is a great option if you wish to land a respected job in a reputed organization. 


And if you complete BBA from our Lovely Professional University Distance BBA program, you will simply have no problem landing your dream job. Our LPU Distance Education BBA course is a career-oriented program. We will provide you with rigorous and effective training, allowing you to develop unmatched expertise in all aspects of business administration. 


Our Objectives

With our LPU Distance BBA program, we focus on providing sufficient understanding about the subjects, allowing the students to excel in their future prospects. Our objectives are, 

  • All-round Skill development in all aspects of business administration.
  • Induction of crucial skills like logical thinking and problem solving, through rigorous theoretical and practical training. 
  • Development of career-building skills like aptitude, professional communication, and work ethics. 
  • Opening gates to a wide range of future prospects like further studies, masters, or jobs. 

Course Code


Course Duration

BBA is a 3-year course with a maximum limit of 6 years for completion. 

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