In the post-globalization period, there is a huge requirement of man power having MBA degree to cater to the needs of manufacturing and service organizations and also able to hone the management skills of the budding entrepreneurs who may not be professionally qualified. Further, the manpower which is already employed in manufacturing and service organizations, not having MBA degree, are required to upgrade their qualifications. The aim of our Lovely Professional University Distance Mba is to equip graduates with the knowledge regarding the fundamental disciplines of business; to provide graduates with the theoretical frameworks and analytical tools necessary to successfully manage a modern enterprise; to ensure that graduates are equipped to act professionally and ethically in their chosen field; to ensure that graduates are able to add significant value to their organizations.


Our LPU Distance Education MBA Programme is designed for students who aspire to be business leaders and managers of the future. The programme aims to impart necessary knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and international business environments.

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Students may pick Core Specialization or Major-Minor Specializations from any of the following LPU Distance Mba Specializations:

(1) Finance

(2) Human Resource Management

(3) Marketing

(4) Information Technology

(5) International Business

(6) Operations Management

(7) Retail Management

Program Duration

Min. Length 2 Years Max. Length 5 Years

Free tuition classes online & offline available

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