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In the current area of modernization and westernization, we are turning apart from our own roots. One of the best examples is our deviation from national language Hindi. Over emphasis on the technical subjects has resulted in dearth of qualified people in the field of Hindi language. Nowadays, there is an excessive demand of manpower with expertise in Hindi especially in the field of translation as well as in teaching. So the current course caters to this need. The aim of M.A Hindi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Hindi language and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.


M.A. Hindi programme has been formulated especially for those students who want to go for teaching or translation work. The programme mainly aims to develop deep knowledge of Hindi among students. Through this programme, students will be able to know about the origin of Hindi language out of ancient language, scientific basis of Devnagri script, linguistics and ancient, medieval, and current form of poetry as well as prose etc. Upon completion of this course, students will have acquired a firm understanding of the major areas of knowledge including:

  • Origin and development of Hindi language
  • Development of prose through ages
  • Development of poetry through ages
  • Concepts of linguistics
  • Application of Hindi in journalism
  • History of Hindi literature
Programme Code

(English Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 5 Years