MCA LPU Distance Education Course

Why MCA?

MCA or Master of Computer Application is a post-graduation course in computer sciences that allow you to broaden your career scope even further. Our LPU Distance MCA program provides extensive theoretical and practical training on computer applications, allowing the students to progress smoothly in their careers ahead. We also have a full-fledged infrastructure for our LPU Distance Education MCA course, complete with well-equipped and modern laboratories and all the latest technology and software required to cover the entire course with perfection. Upon completion of the course, our students become experts on various computer application aspects like Programming Logic, Design & Optimization, Networks, Operating Systems, Mathematics & Finance, etc. 

Our Objectives

Our objectives with the MCA Distance Education LPU Programme are- 

  • Providing effective theoretical and practical training throughout the course duration. 
  • Familiarizing our students with the latest technology and software in the industry
  • Giving sufficient industrial experience to our students, giving them the real idea of the professional working culture.
  • Enabling the students to achieve high positions such as managers, systems analysts, programmers, and system designers, 

Course Code


Course Duration

MCA is a 2-year course with a maximum limit of 5 years for completion. 

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