BA Distance Education in Ludhiana

Why BA?

BA or Bachelor of Arts is one of the best options for youngsters to kickstart their career with a solid foundation. It is an affordable course, and you can also choose open and distance learning programs according to your preference. AT IVY Institute, we offer the best LPU Distance Education BA courses with a wide range of elective specializations to choose from. Our LPU Distance Education B A Syllabus is specifically designed to familiarize the students with all the fundamental disciplines of the professional sector. We also provide rigorous training with several LPU distance education BA question papers, to boost the scores in final results. 


Our Objectives


With our LPU Distance Education BA course, our objectives are:


  • To provide rigorous training throughout the syllabus, enabling the students to perfect the required professional skills.
  • Easy and informative learning sessions to promote a stress-free learning atmosphere
  • Developing additional skills like communication, aptitude, and leadership qualities, to help the student excel in the professional atmosphere
  • Opening a wide range of opportunities for career and further education. 


Elective Courses In BA:

We provide a wide range of elective courses for you to choose from. Take a look. 

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Sociology (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • Political Science (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • History (English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)
  • Economics (English Medium)
  • Computer Applications (English Medium)
  • Management (English Medium)


For Economics, you can write the examination in English, Hindi, or Punjabi language. However, the study material will be in English. 


Program Code



Program Duration

B.A. is a 3-year course, with a maximum limit of 6 years for course completion. 

Other Courses

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